Tentacle Sync

From a DSLR to an Arri Alexa Mini, the Tentacle Sync can be smoothly integrated into almost any setup. Featuring an internal battery lasting up to twenty-four hours, the Tentacle Sync can be left tethered for the entire day whilst remaining frame-accurate.



Uses LTC timecode according to SMPTE-12M standard.
Generates SMPTE timecode rates
DSLR-ready: Switchable mic/line output + built-in mic for reference sound

Operation Modes

Can act as the master clock (Green Mode) or jam-sync to any external timecode source (Red Mode)


Internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

Battery Life: up to 24hrs

Charge Time: 1.5hrs via USB 2.0 cable


34 x 50 x 16mm



30 g / 1 oz


Setup Requirements

To set timecode, users will require the Tentacle Sync mobile setup app, available for both OS X, Windows, iOS and Andriod, and can be found here.

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