Rhino Ultimate Slider

The Rhino Ultimate Slider is a 2-axis motorised slider system, with 42″ stainless steel rails or 24″ carbon fiber rails. The Rhino Motion is used to add motorised sliding, and the Rhino Arc adds motorised pans.

Stainless Steel Rails

Length 42″ / 1.07 m
Weight 4.7 kg
Load Capacity 16 kg
Rail Material Stainless Steel

Carbon Fiber Rails

Length 24″ / 61 cm
Weight 1.8 kg
Load Capacity 6.8 kg
Rail Material Carbon Fiber

Rhino Motion

Weight 1.1 kg
Load Capacity 4.5 kg
Battery Built-in rechargeable (up to 7 hrs)

Rhino Arc

Weight 480 g
Load Capacity 4.5 kg
Range of Motion 360 degrees
Battery Built-in rechargeable

Live Motion & Simple Time Lapse: Up to 4 hrs

Advanced Time Lapse: Up to 24 hrs

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