RED Rocket-X

Optimized for the 6K RED DRAGON sensor, this product is designed to accelerate your R3D® workflow. Using SDI (3G or 1.5G) or Display Port outputs, RED ROCKET-X® allows for direct 4K playback and works with 6K files faster than real-time. Compared to the previous RED ROCKET®, RED ROCKET-X processes and transcodes files up to 5x faster. A redesigned chassis works to protect the card, which uses a full-length x16 PCI port for installation in your Mac or PC.

The RED ROCKET-X supports all MONSTRO®, HELIUM®, GEMINI®, RED DRAGON®, RED DRAGON Monochrome, MYSTERIUM®, MYSTERIUM-X®, and Monochrome R3D files.

The Red Rocket-X card is supplied in a Sonnet Echo Express III-D Thunderbolt 2 chassis enclosure making it compatible with any Thunderbolt port equipped computer.

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