Red Epic-W Helium

The Red Epic-W Helium features an 8K sensor that records RAW, ProRes and DNxHD/HR internally to Red Mini-Mags.


Red Epic-W Helium



Lens Mount


Recording Format

Redcode 16-bit RAW

ProRes 12-bit 4:4:4:4 XQ / 4:4:4:4

ProRes 10-bit 4:2:2 HQ / 4:2:2 / 4:2:2 LT

DNxHR 12-bit HQX

DNxHR 12-bit 444

DNxHR 8-bit HQ / SQ / LB

DNxHD 10-bit 444

DNxHD 8-bit HQ / SQ / LB

File Format




RAW 8K Full Format 8192×4320
RAW 7.5K Full Format 7680×4080
RAW 7K Full Format 7168×3780
RAW 6.5K Full Format 6656×3536
RAW 6K Full Format 6144×3240
RAW 5.5K Full Format 5632×2948
RAW 5K Full Format 5120×2700
RAW 4.5K Full Format 46082412
RAW 4K Full Format 4096×2160
RAW 3.5K Full Format 3584×1876
RAW 3K Full Format 3072×1620
RAW 2.5K Full Format 2560×1340
RAW 2K Full Format 2048×1080
ProRes 4K 4096×2160
ProRes 2K 2048×1080
DNxHD/HR 4K 4096×2160
DNxHD/HR 2K 2048×1080

Crop Factors

8K Full Format 1.28x
7.5K Full Format 1.36x
7K Full Format 1.46x
6.5K Full Format 1.57x
6K Full Format 1.71x
5.5K Full Format 1.86x
5K Full Format 2.05x
4.5K Full Format 2.28x
4K Full Format 2.56x
3.5K Full Format 2.93x
3K Full Format 3.41x
2.5K Full Format 4.10x
2K Full Format 5.12x

Maximum Frame Rate (PAL)

RAW 8K Full Format 30.46 fps
RAW 7.5K Full Format 32.25 fps
RAW 7K Full Format 34.81 fps
RAW 6.5K Full Format 37.21 fps
RAW 6K Full Format 80.67 fps
RAW 5.5K Full Format 88.72 fps
RAW 5K Full Format 96.39 fps
RAW 4.5K Full Format 108.29 fps
RAW 4K Full Format 120.83 fps
RAW 3.5K Full Format 138.94 fps
RAW 3K Full Format 160.27 fps
RAW 2.5K Full Format 192.09 fps
RAW 2K Full Format 240.55 fps
ProRes 4K 4:2:2 HQ / 4:2:2 / LT 30 fps
ProRes 2K 4:4:4:4 XQ / 4:4:4:4 120 fps
ProRes 2K 4:2:2 HQ / 4:2:2 / LT 120 fps
DNxHD/HR 4K HQX 30 fps
DNxHD/HR 4K HQ / SQ / LB 30 fps
DNxHD/HR 2K 444 / HQX 120 fps
DNxHD/HR 2K HQ / SQ / LB 120 fps


Internal Recording Red Mini-Mag

Audio Recording Format

2CH 24-bit 48 kHz

Exposure Index (EI)

ISO Range 320-3200
Native ISO 400-2000




1x 3.5mm Mini-jack (Mic)

1x USB

1x Lemo 4-pin (Sync)

1x Lemo 4-pin (CTRL)

1x Lemo 4-pin (DC Power)




1x 3.5mm Mini-jack (Headphones)

1x D-Tap (Power)


2.7 kg (with accessories*)

*Including camera body, body cap. Red 5″ Monitor, base plate

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