ARRI Shift and Tilt System PL Mount 6 Lens Kit

ARRI’s Shift and Tilt Bellows System is the most advanced swing-shift system available on the market today and one of the most popular pieces of equipment for tabletop applications.

Consisting of a series of five lenses that are freely attached to the camera by means of an orientable stage/bellows system, the ARRI Shift & Tilt System allows for unique effects and problem-solving, including manipulating the focus plane perspective correction.

Mount camera side: PL-Mount
Mount lens side: Bayonet-type mount
Support Adapter for 19 and 15mm support rods
Shift adjustment +/- 10mm (3/8″) displacement (scale division = 1mm)
Rotation 360 degrees
Tilt adjustment: Horizontal +/- 10 degrees (scale division = 1 degree), Vertical +/- 10 degrees (scale division = 2 degrees)
Focus adjustment 30mm (1 1/4″)
Weight approx. 1100g (2 1/2 lb.) w/ adapter, w/o lens

20mm T2.8 Minimum Focus 5″
24mm T4 Minimum Focus 7″
28mm T2.8 Minimum Focus 6.5″
45mm T2.8 Minimum Focus 8″
90mm T2.8 Minimum Focus 1’4.5″
110mm T2 Minimum Focus 1’11”


Focal Length 40mm
Aperture T2.3
Close Focus 3′
Lens Front Diameter 80mm
Weight 900 g


Focal Length 50mm
Aperture T2.3
Close Focus 3′
Lens Front Diameter 80mm
Weight 1 kg


Focal Length 75mm
Aperture T2.8
Close Focus 3′
Lens Front Diameter 80mm
Weight 1.3 kg


Focal Length 100mm
Aperture T3.4
Close Focus 5′
Lens Front Diameter 80mm
Weight 1.5 kg
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