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The Cube™ Family

The Cube™ Family

The Cube™ Family are the world's first camera-top streaming HD video devices.
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The Cube™ Family

The Cube™ Family are the world's first camera-top streaming HD video devices. The family includes six encoder models and two matching form-factor decoders. The Cube™ Encoder streams HD video over WiFi or wired Ethernet.

The Cube™ Encoder creates its own wireless (ad hoc) network, and streams HD video directly to a Cube™ Decoder, a computer or laptop, a server, or a mobile device such as an iPad with no other networking equipment required.

To extended your broadcast range, Cube™ Encoder can join an infrastructure network by using a wireless router and stream over a LAN or WAN.

Experienced network users can use Cube™ to stream video over the Internet.

Cube™ Decoders

Cube™ Decoders are designed for placement on small handheld monitors and large HD displays and feature either HDMI or HD-SDI output.

Teradek's Cube™ Decoder is a small, extremely low-power video decoder that pairs ideally with the Teradek Cube™ Encoder.

Together they provide an end-to-end streaming video solution for filmmaking, news gathering, and ProAV.

Cubelets™ Encoder/Decoder Pair

Cube™ Encoder/Decoder pairing is the ideal solution for turnkey on-set video monitoring. Use the Cube™ Encoder to stream HD video over WiFi, then connect the Cube™ Decoder to a small hand-held monitor or a professional field monitor to receive the signal and view video up to 1080p24. Cube decoders are available in both HDMI and HD-SDI versions.

For news gathering the Encoder/Decoder pair allows broadcasters to untether from the ENG van eliminating the need to run long cables back to the van.

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