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BOXX Wireless HD Transmission Systems

BOXX products are designed by a team of highly skilled engineers and operators, to ensure they meet the demands of the changing industry.

BOXX offers complete solutions for SD & HD wireless transmission.

VA Digital Hire can tailor a solution to meet your individual needs.

We know that every situation, and environment, has its own particular challenges.




Roaming camera

Point to Point


Cobalt - SD/Composite Camera Link

The Cobalt SD wireless microwave system is a robust and unique broadcast technology providing a live-to-air microwave link.

View Cobalt Info Sheet

Composite / SDSDI
SD only

up to 800m

up to 4km


Meridian - Zero Delay - HD/SD Camera Link

The Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system is designed for high quality, uncompressed zero delay HD and SD live transmission, where extremely low latency is essential.

View Meridian Info Sheet

1080i 60 /1.4G

up to 150m (Broadcast)
up to 800m (Video Assist)

up to 1km



The Zenith wireless system is designed for wireless ENG and HD live productions where range and signal reliability are essential. The unique network capability of the system allows for an almost infinite shooting area by deploying inexpensive receiver nodes wired with Category-5 cabling.

Zenith Info Sheet

1080p 60 / 3G

up to 1km

up to 25km


Cerulean Backhaul Link

Cerulean delivers the quality and reliability of full HD uncompressed fibre links in a cable free, latency free, error free, wireless environment.

Cerulean Info Sheet

2 x 1.4G
2 x 1080i 60


500 meters

< 0.000002ms

Meridian Camera Control

Boxx offers a range of camera telemetry solutions to suit any budget. the full telemetry system uses the manufacturer's original RCP.

The Boxx Tallis systems solution offers just Iris and Tally control and works with any camera via the lenses 12 pin cable.

View Meridian Camera Control Info Sheet

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