• Cargo

    Feature Film

    After a car crash knocks him unconscious, a man wakes up to find that his wife has died and turned… read more

    DirectorBen Howling & Yolando Ramke
    DOPGeoffrey Simpson ACS
    ProductionSally Clarke
    Production CompanyCauseway Films

  • Indigo Lake

    Feature Film

    The film is a noir styled psychological suspense thriller with romantic elements. Sexy and suspenseful, it tells the story of… read more

    DirectorMatin Simpson
    DOPRodrigo Vidal Dawson
    ProductionBrian Cobb
    Production CompanyCobbstar Productions

  • Blue Murder: Killer Cop

    Television Movie

    Richard Roxburgh reprises his heralded portrayal of Australia’s most notorious former detective Roger Rogerson in BLUE MURDER: KILLER COP, leading… read more

    DirectorMichael Jenkins
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionCarol Hughes & Michael Jenkins
    Production CompanyEndemol Shine Australia, Channel 7, Screen Australia, Screen NSW

  • Love Child

    Television Series

    Love Child is an Australian television drama series that follows the lives of staff and residents of the fictional Kings… read more

    DirectorGeoff Bennett, Shawn Seet, Grant Brown, Shirley Barrett, Lynn-Maree Danzey, Peter Andrikidis, Mark Joffe
    DOPNic Owens & Bruce Young
    ProductionTom Hoffie, Jo Rooney, Sarah Lambert, Scott Hartley
    Production CompanyPlaymaker Media, Nine Network Australia

  • The Wrong Girl

    Television Series

    Based on the hit book by Zoë Foster Blake, The Wrong Girl follows the life of 29-year-old breakfast television producer… read more

    DirectorGeoff Bennett, Shawn Seet, Grant Brown, Shirley Barrett, Lynn-Maree Danzey, Peter Andrikidis, Mark Joffe
    DOPSimon Chapman ACS, Nic Owens
    ProductionTom Hoffie, Judi McCrossin, Jane sullivan
    Production CompanyPlaymaker Media, Ten Network

  • Janet King

    Television Series

    Following twelve months maternity leave, Senior Crown Prosecutor Janet King returns to the DPP to confront a high-profile murder and a… read more

    DirectorPeter Andrikidis, Grant Brown, Ian Watson
    DOPJoseph Pickering ACS
    ProductionKarl Zwicky
    Production CompanyScreentime, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

  • House Husbands

    Television Series

    House Husbands is a drama about four modern families with one thing in common: the men are in charge of… read more

    DirectorGrant Brown, Geoff Bennett, Ian Watson, Catherine Millar, Mat King, Shirley Barrett, Shawn Seet, Ian Barry, Lynn-Maree Danzey, Karl Zwicky, Fiona Banks
    DOPMichael Steel, Nic Owens, Dan Maxwell
    ProductionSue Edwards, Jo Martino, Drew Proffitt, Esther Rodewald
    Production CompanyPlaymaker Media, Nine Network Australia

  • The Secret Daughter

    Television Series

    Finding herself in hot water with the local hood, Billie pretends to be the secret daughter of Jack Norton in… read more

    DirectorGeoff Bennett, Paul Moloney, Leah Purcell
    DOPJoseph Pickering ACS
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring & Karl Zwicky
    Production CompanyScreentime, Network 7

  • Boys In The Trees

    Feature Film

    It’s Halloween 1997 – the last night of high school for Corey, Jango and their skater gang, The Gromits. Childhood… read more

    DirectorNicholas Verso
    DOPMarden Dean
    ProductionJohn Molley
    Production CompanyMushroom Pictures

  • Teenage Kicks

    Feature Film

    Seventeen year old Miklos Varga’s plans to escape his migrant family and run way with his best friend Dan are… read more

    DirectorCraig Boreham
    DOPBonnie Elliot ACS
    ProductionAnnmaree Bell
    Production CompanyAzure Productions

  • Spin Out

    Feature Film

    Billy and Lucy have grown up together in a small, close-knit Australian country town, where they form one of the… read more

    DirectorTim Ferguson & Marc Gracie
    DOPJustin Brickle
    ProductionDavid Redman
    Production CompanyMushroom Pictures

  • Brock

    Television Movie

    A unique story about Australian car racing legend Peter Brock. He was the man that started the whole Holden vs… read more

    DirectorGeoff Bennett
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring
    Production CompanyEndemol Shine Australia, Network Ten

  • Deep Water

    Television Movie

    When the mutilated corpse of a young man is found in a beachfront apartment in Bondi, Tori Lustigman and Nick… read more

    DirectorShawn Seet
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionDarren Dale, Miranda Dear, Scott Hartley, Sue Masters, Stewart Dean
    Production CompanyBlackfella Films, Screen Australia, Special Broadcasting Services (SBS)

  • The Code

    Television Series

    Two Canberra based brothers become entangled in a cover up that involves a remote outback community and key members of… read more

    DirectorShawn Seet
    DOPJoseph Pickering ACS
    ProductionShelley Birse, Diane Haddon, David Maher, David Taylor
    Production CompanyPlaymaker Media, Australia Broadcasting Company (ABC), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

  • Fancy Boy

    Television Series

    A sketch comedy series finding humour in the stranger corners of suburbia: in the couple whose communication breakdown leads to… read more

    DirectorColin Cairns
    DOPMatthew Temple
    ProductionMark Conway & Declan Fay
    Production CompanyDecember Media, Australia Broadcasting Company (ABC)

  • Hyde & Seek

    Television Series

    When his best mate and partner is killed in a random attack, Detective Gary Hyde  vows to bring the killer… read more

    DirectorPeter Andrikidis, David Caesar, Daniel Nettheim
    DOPNic Owens
    ProductionStephen Corvini, Jo Rooney, Michelle Russell, Debbie Lee
    Production CompanyMatchbox Pictures

  • Here Come the Habibs

    Television Series

    Fou Fou Habib won $22 Million in the lottery, and bought a house (mansion) next door to the O’Neill family…. read more

    DirectorDarren Ashton
    DOPNic Owens, Dan Maxwell
    ProductionJason Burrows, Chloe Rickard, Michelle Russell
    Production CompanyJungle, Network Nine

  • Last Cab to Darwin

    Feature Film

    Rex is a loner, and when he’s told he doesn’t have long to live, he embarks on an epic drive… read more

    DirectorJeremy Sims
    DOPSteve Arnold ACS
    ProductionLisa Duff & Greg Duffy
    Production CompanyPork Chop Productions

  • UnIndian

    Feature Film

    Meera, a beautiful Australian woman of Indian origin, living in Sydney as a single mother, she follows her dreams. instead… read more

    DirectorAnupam Sharman
    DOPMartin McGrath ACS
    ProductionLisa Duff & Sandy Stevens
    Production CompanyFilms & Casting Temple

  • Alex & Eve

    Feature Film

    Alex, a Greek Orthodox schoolteacher, falls for Lebanese Muslim lawyer, Eve. The relationship is forbidden by both families, and thus… read more

    DirectorPeter Andrikidis
    DOPJoseph Pickering ACS
    ProductionMurray Fahey, Helen Goritsas, Ann Folland
    Production CompanyMagic Box Entertainment

  • Catching Milat

    Television Movie

    Based on the book “Sins of the Brother” by Mark Whittaker and Les Kennedy and is loosely based upon the… read more

    DirectorPeter Andrikidis
    DOPJoseph Pickering ACS
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring
    Production CompanyShine Australia

  • Peter Allen: Not the boy next door

    Television Movie

    Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door tells the story of how Peter Allen rose from New South Wales to… read more

    DirectorShawn Seet
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring
    Production CompanyEndemol Shine Australia

  • The Secret River

    Television Movie

    William Thornhill, an illiterate Thames bargeman and a man of quick temper but deep feelings, steals a load of timber… read more

    DirectorDaina Reid
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionStephen Luby, Mark Ruse, Lesley Parker, Daina Reid
    Production CompanyRuby Entertainment, Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)

  • 8mmm Aboriginal Radio

    Television Series

    In the middle of nowhere is 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, a magnet for three kinds of Whitefellas – Missionaries, Mercenaries and… read more

    DirectorDena Curtis
    DOPEric Murray Lui
    ProductionAnna Cadden, Rachel Clements, Trisha Morton-Thomas
    Production CompanyPrincess Pictures, Brindle Films, Australia Broadcasting Company (ABC)

  • Open Slather

    Television Series

    An Australian sketch show full of crazy and hilarious short stories. Starring: Holly Austin, Hanna Bath, Jay K. Cagatay, Mark… read more

    DirectorNatalie Bailey & Steve Saussey
    DOPLaszlo Baranyai ACS HSC
    ProductionPaul Walton, Laura Waters, Rick McKenna, Antje Kulpe
    Production CompanyMcWater Productions

  • The Ex-PM

    Television Series

    Ellen, a ghostwriter working for the ex-prime minister of Australia Andrew Dugdale, tries to immerse herself in the lives of… read more

    DirectorSian Davies
    DOPDan Maxwell
    ProductionNick Murray & Rick McPhee
    Production CompanyCordell Jigsaw Productions, Australian Broadcast Company (ABC)

  • Please Like Me

    Television Series

    After breaking up with his girlfriend, Josh comes to the realization that he is homosexual. With the support of his… read more

    DirectorMatthew Saville
    DOPMathew Temple
    ProductionTodd Abbott
    Production CompanyPigeon Fancier Productions, John & Josh International, Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)

  • The Killing Field

    Television Movie

    A task force is sent to a small country town to investigate a shocking crime. When a young girl goes… read more

    DirectorSamantha Lang
    DOPToby Oliver ACS
    ProductionBill Hughes & Sarah Smith
    Production CompanyCornerstone Pictures, Seven Network Australia

  • INXS: The Untold Story

    Television Movie

    In the early 1980s in Perth, Western Australia, The Farriss Brothers are playing covers at a club with Michael Hutchence… read more

    DirectorDaina Reid
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring
    Production CompanyShine Australia

  • Carlotta

    Television Movie

    Based on the extraordinary life of the iconic Les Girls headliner and Australian transgender pioneer, Carlotta is a universal story… read more

    DirectorSamantha Lang
    DOPToby Oliver ACS
    ProductionRiccardo Pellizzeri, Jacqueline King, Lara Radulovich
    Production CompanyStory Ark Productions, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

  • Schapelle

    Television Movie

    The arrest of Australian Schapelle Corby at Bali airport in 2004 with 4kg of marijuana. Note that the story line… read more

    DirectorKhoa Do
    DOPPeter Holland ACS
    ProductionStephen Corvini, Sharon Miller, Jo Rooney
    Production CompanyFreemantle Media Australia

  • Fat Tony & Co

    Television Series

    Fat Tony & Co, is based on the story of Mokbel, once Australia’s most wanted man and covers the manhunt which… read more

    DirectorPeter Andrikidis, Andrew Prowse, Karl Zwicky
    DOPJoseph Pickering ACS
    ProductionElisa Argenzio, Peter Gawler, Dimitris Birbilis
    Production CompanyScreentime, Network 9

  • It’s a Date

    Television Series

    Featuring two thematically linked dates, the show poses a question that explores a timeless Dilemma, such as; is it okay… read more

    DirectorJonathan Brough, Peter Helliar, Erin White
    DOPJoanne Donahoe-Beckwith
    ProductionPaul Walton, Andrea Denholm
    Production CompanyScreentime, Network 9

  • The Rocket

    Feature Film

    A boy who is believed to bring bad luck to everyone around him leads his family and two new friends… read more

    DirectorKim Mordaunt
    DOPAndrew Commis ACS
    ProductionBridget Ikin & Sylvia Wilczynski
    Production CompanyRed Lamp Films

  • Powergames

    Television Movie

    Sir Frank Packer and Rupert Murdoch began one of the greatest rivalries in Australian history; It started when Australia’s most… read more

    DirectorGeoff Bennett & David Caesar
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionJohn Edwards
    Production CompanyNine Network

  • The Outlaw Michael Howe

    Television Movie

    In 1815 a young convict leads a wretched guerrilla army of outlaws, deserters and bushmen in open rebellion against the… read more

    DirectorBrendan Cowell
    DOPSimon Harding
    ProductionMichael Cordell & Nial Fulton & Fiona McConaghy
    Production CompanyCordell Jigsaw Productions / ABC

  • Paper Giants: Magazine Wars

    Television Movie

    Following the success of Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars is the story of the golden… read more

    DirectorDaina Reid
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring, John Edwards, Mimi Butler
    Production CompanySouthern Star, Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)

  • Better Man

    Television Series

    Exactly how much risk would you take to save your brother? For Van Nguyen the answer was whatever it takes… read more

    DirectorKhoa Do
    DOPPeter Holland ACS
    ProductionStephen Corvini, John Wild
    Production CompanyFreemantle Media Australia, SBS

  • The Gods of Wheat Street

    Television Series

    Follow the trials and tribulations of the Freeburns, an Aboriginal family of local legends, as they learn to let go… read more

    DirectorWayne Blair, Catriona McKenzie, Adrian Russell Wills
    DOPEric Murray Lui, Brendan Lavelle
    ProductionLois Randall, Esther Rodewald
    Production CompanyAustralian Broadcasting Company (ABC), Every Cloud Productions

  • Wish You Were Here

    Feature Film

    Four friends lose themselves in a carefree South-East Asian holiday. Only three come back. Dave and Alice return home to… read more

    DirectorKieran Darcy-Smith
    DOPJules O'Loughlin ACS
    ProductionMichael Cody, Angie Fielder, Tiare Tomaszewski
    Production CompanyBlue-Tongue Films, Aquarius Films

  • Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War

    Television Movie

    The Ashes is the pinnacle of world cricket with two old enemies, Australia and England, going head to head. This… read more

    DirectorDaina Reid
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionJohn Edwards, Mimi Butler, Peter Muston
    Production CompanyNetwork 9

  • Puberty Blues

    Television Series

    Puberty Blues is an Australian television drama series  based on the 1979 book by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey.  Set… read more

    DirectorGlendyn Ivin, Emma Freeman
    DOPJohn Brawley
    ProductionImogen Banks, John Edwards, Anna Steel, Kerrie Mainwaring
    Production CompanyChannel 10

  • Underbelly 5: Badness

    Television Series

    Season 5 is set in modern-day Sydney between 2001–2012 tells the story of underworld figure Anthony “Rooster” Perish and the… read more

    DirectorTony Tilse, David Caesar, Ian Watson
    DOPJoseph Pickering ACS, Mark Wareham ACS
    ProductionPeter Gawler, Elisa Argenzio
    Production CompanyCNetwork Nine

  • Beaconsfield

    Television Movie

    On Anzac Day 2006, Todd Russell and Brant Webb, along with fellow miner Larry Knight, were trapped deep inside the… read more

    DirectorGlendyn Ivin
    DOPToby Oliver ACS
    ProductionRoss Allsop, John Edwards, Jane Liscombe
    Production CompanySouthern Star, Network Nine

  • Offspring

    Television Series

    The story of the impossible loves of 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman and her fabulously messy family Starring: Asher Keddie (Flammable… read more

    DirectorEmma Freeman
    DOPJohn Brawley
    ProductionImogen Banks, John Edwards
    Production CompanyEndemol Shine Banks Production, Network TEN

  • Dripping in Chocolate

    Television Movie

    When Detective Bennett O’Mara finds a chocolate wrapper on a strangled girl, it leads him to enigmatic chocolatier Juliana Lovece…. read more

    DirectorMark Joffe
    DOPHenry Pierce ACS
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring, Julie McGauran, Sarah Smith
    Production CompanySouthern Star

  • Tricky Business

    Television Series

    This drama series focuses on a family that runs a debt collection business. Jim and Claire retired debt collectors leave their… read more

    DirectorShawn Seet, David Caesar, Lynn Hegarty, Garth Maxwell, Catherine Millar, Karl Swicky
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionScott Hartley, Denny Lawrence, Jo rooney, Andy Ryan
    Production CompanyNetwork 9

  • Wild Boys

    Television Series

    Australia 1860s, Wild Boys follows a gang of bushrangers as they stage hold-ups determined to keep ahead of the troopers… read more

    DirectorShirley Barrett, Ian Barry, Mark Joffe, Ken Cameron, Arnie Custo, Ian Watson
    DOPHenry Pierce ACS, Joseph Pickering ACS
    ProductionKerrie Mainwaring, Julie McGauran, Sarah Smith
    Production CompanySouthern Star Entertainment

  • The Reef

    Feature Film

    A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef. Luke welcomes his friend… read more

    DirectorAndrew Traucki
    DOPDaniel Ardilley ACS
    ProductionMichael Robertson, Tiare Tomaszewski, Andrew Traucki
    Production CompanyLightning Entertainment, Prodigy Movies, Mysterious Light, Screen NSW

  • Penelope K, By The Way

    Television Series

    Penelope K runs the Information Station, a place which contains all the answers to any question a child might have…. read more

    DirectorPeter Cudlipp
    ProductionMichael Bourchier, Milli Howson
    Production CompanyBlink Films, Freehand Productions, BBC Worldwide

  • A Gurls World

    Television Series

    Three best friends move back to their home countries. They find a computer program that let’s them teleport to one… read more

    DirectorRalph Strasser
    DOPKim Batterham ACS
    ProductionAlly Henville, Sharon Pereira, Dennis Kiely, Natasha Unbehaun
    Production CompanySouthern Star Entertainment, MDA, NDR, Screen Australia

  • Tangle: Season 2

    Television Series

    A story of two generations of two families colliding, connecting, sometimes at cross purposes as they navigate their way around… read more

    DirectorStuart McDonald
    DOPBruce Young
    ProductionJohn Edwards, Imogen Banks, Ross Allsop
    Production CompanySouthern Star Entertainment

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